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Sunday 18 August 2019

August's Not For Everyone

It's been nearly a month since Andrew Weatherall graced these pages and helpfully so that I can plug that gap he's just recorded another of his monthly radio shows for NTS, Music's Not For Everyone. I know I say this every month but the sheer quality and variety of the tracks selected for these seems to get better and better as each month passes. August's edition is no exception, it is stuffed full of magic- electronic magic, dubby magic, psychedelic magic, hypnotic chuggy magic. There's a tracklist here. There's no talk in this one, just two hours of sequenced, back- to- back tunes with the Weatherall remix of the recently posted here Meatraffle song one of many highlights. Dig in.


keepingitpeel said...

Nearly a month ? *Tsk*

Adam Turner said...

I know. I've had a word with myself. It won't happen again.