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Friday 9 August 2019

There's Gonna Be Meatraffle On The Moon Tonight

Reasons to love this song and band.

1. They are called Meatraffle- on the name alone they are half way there.
2. The song below, Meatraffle On The Moon, is a slice of brilliance- a slow beat, some sci fi synths and distinctive vocals. Post-punk and electronic but totally 2019.
3. Meatraffle have an album out at the end of August called Bastard Music.
4. Bastard Music deals with 'good old fashioned socialist propaganda'. Usually I try to find the words myself and don't just copy and paste from a band's press release but this is perfect- 'we wanted to sound like The Residents composing an anthem for International Workers Day, an international day of action where the proles down tools and piss off to the seaside simultaneously all around the world, and thus the global Capitalist fiscal system crashes. Meatraffle on the Moon is an imaginary tale of exploitation of non-unionised space workers in intolerable mental and physical conditions working in our little solar system with the only antidote to their heartache and a complete buckle of legs…a moonbase karaoke bar!'
5. There's an Andrew Weatherall remix of Meatraffle On The Moon forthcoming.

Order it at Bandcamp or the usual record shops. 


The Swede said...

'HiFi Classics' was among my favourite albums of 2015 and I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever see a follow-up - they're sounding as good as ever though. Pre-ordered the new record a few weeks ago - can't wait.

Swiss Adam said...

The name rang a bell- maybe your post is where from