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Wednesday 25 March 2020

Manu Dibango

Coronavirus has taken Manu Dibango, Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphonist, aged 86. Manu was a giant of Afro- jazz whose 1972 hit Soul Makossa was a massive influence on pop music, a track originally written for the African Cup Of Nations football tournament of the same year. His Cameroonian upbringing and family, schooling in Paris, time in Brussels, periods spent in Congo and Cameroon, life in Paris, touring Europe with Africa Jazz, show a life lived well. This is a very laid back piece of music and hopefully might make day two of lockdown more tolerable. RIP Manu.

Bessoka (Version Courte)

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Anonymous said...

Very sad news Manu has passed, especially that it was due to the Covid virus. I know we have a looming health crisis and people are trying hard to stop the spread, but if/when this virus spreads to Africa, India and other parts of the world where people are forced to live in such poor conditions and where sanitation and modern medicine are scarce it will be a catastrophe.
Thanks Manu especially for the 'Sun Explosion/Big Blow' 12, it got me through many house parties back in the vinyl days. Also 'Abele Dance Dub' would not be out of place in a MNFE set. RIP