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Monday 5 July 2021

Monday's Long Song

This came out back in February which seems ages ago now but it suits the heat of summer much more than the chill of February. Parisienne artist Golden Bug, purveyor of electronic disco/ house, felt inspired to make a 60s/ 70s psychedelic acid track and contacted Lionel from The Liminanas to help out with vocals/ poetry and guitars. Then Golden Bug got three remixers on board, one being fellow Frenchman Pilooski and this nine minute, wigged out excursion was the result. 

The Superpitcher remix, Paris via Cologne, is well worth your spending a few of your euros on too. The whole Franco- German package, original track plus five remixes is here. Vinyl sadly sold out. 

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Khayem said...

Great selections and the original and other versions are pretty good too.