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Saturday 17 July 2021

Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down

Back in 2006 Scritti Politti, the working name for the group Green Gartside uses on and off and at that point hadn't used since 1999, released an album called White Bread Black Beer. It was minimalist but warm sounding, all the instruments played by Green, and a marriage of catchy songs with smart lyrics, full of references that whizz by over modern folky electric pop. 

One of the highlights was Dr Abernathy, acoustic guitars and reverb, some lovely jagged electric guitar stabs, a bit of whistling and lines taking in Greek mythology, Hegelian philosophy, the 18th century surgeon of the title, lines from 80s hip hop and meth amphetamine. It's a heady brew. The coda is gorgeous and concludes in fine, obscure style- 

'I stole a glance/ at circumstance/ It's way too big/ For them to figure/ Outside/ In the exercise yard/ The three winds blow/ The dear John/ It won't be long/ Round and round/ The punks jump up/ To get beat down/ All the days of my life/ Love'

Dr. Abernathy


Echorich said...

White Bread Black Beer was that perfect intersection of Songs To Remember and Cupid + Psyche 85. There's the intimacy hopes and fears of the former married to the Pure Modern Pop perfection of the latter. Every time I listen to the album I'm reminded of how much I love and miss Green. He has a wonderful way of quietly building a song up from a Folky acoustic harmony into a foot stomping Pop song. That is Dr. Abernathy.

I envy anyone that will get to see him this year (Khayem, I'm looking at you).

Khayem said...

A wonderful song, obviously. In 2006, I wasn't quite as immersed in social media and music news, so the release of White Bread Black Beer came as a genuine surprise. As with every previous album it was another departure yet retained that Scritti Politti essence that links everything that's gone before. White Bread Black Beer is a sublime album and keeps me hoping that we may, just possibly may, see another album one day.

Echorich, I'm keeping my fingers & toes firmly (& uncomfortably) crossed that the tour goes ahead.