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Wednesday 1 September 2021

Gravity Pull

Dragged up from somewhere a couple of days ago (scrolling through social media on my phone probably but then straight to my subconscious) this is Bandulu in 1993 with a track from their Guidance album that takes it all down a notch or two into ambient techno territory. Gravity Pull is a superb piece of music that pulls at the emotions while building up to a rhythmic thump too. Proof, if it were still needed, that you don't need guitars or a singer to make music that is capable of moving you. 

Gravity Pull

Tenuous link incoming... today's gravity pull for me is the force pulling me back to work after the summer holiday. I've been in several times over the last few weeks but this is the official start, back in with a bump. September is here too, a month that always brings unwanted change- the evenings are noticeably darker earlier, the summer is largely over, autumn beckons, that fucking wheel keeps turning. 


drew said...

Haven't played that album in years.

September, eh.

Khayem said...

This was the first Bandulu song I ever heard, courtesy of the original Trance Europe Express compilation. They were truly something else, not just the albums but EPs and remixes. The Phaze In-Version EP and their remixes of Slowdive, The Times' Lundi Bleu and The Golden Palominos are particular favourites. Truly innovative. Thanks for the timely spotlight.