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Wednesday 8 September 2021

Sparking Plugs And Suburbia

I don't know what Sean Johnston has been drinking recently but it's done wonders for his productivity and the sheer quantity of Hardway Bros remixes has been matched by the quality- every single one is a keeper. This one came out two days ago, a remix of Sparking Plugs by Deo'Jorge from an EP on Newcastle- upon- Tyne's Me Me Me label. The Hardway Bros Sueno Cosmico remix sounds like a party in a rainforest, a rave in an aviary (a raviary?). Nine minutes of tropical cosmic Balearic joy. Buy it here

Sean's remix of James Bright's Suburbia, the Hardway Bros 'ALFOS Has Risen' Remix is in part a celebration of the all night travelling roadshow he instigated with Andrew Weatherall eleven years ago, now revived single handed. The remix is a gloriously chilled dreamy dance track that teases us with hints of The Beloved's ambient house classic The Sun Rising. Buy it here

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Khayem said...

I bought both of these during my last Bandcamp Friday spending spree and you're absolutely spot on, Sean Johnston is consistently smashing it out of the park with his remixes this year - Rheinzand, Wet Signals, The Secret Soul Society, Margee, IWDG - many of which you've previously featured here.