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Thursday 15 December 2022

Darkened Corners

The Orielles latest album, Tableau, is a multi- faceted feats of ideas and styles, stretching out in all kinds of directions while feeling completely whole too. The Halifax three piece, now based in Manchester, go way beyond what you might have thought were their limits and delve into spoken word pieces, dreamlike sketches, weird dark disco, dissonant Sonic Youth guitar parts, jazzy and/ or 60s sounding drums, poppy krautrock, Saint Etienne- esque indie pop, some ambient, some shoegaze. It's innovative, experimental and immersive with a song based indie- pop heart, and while some of the songs have a tendency to wash over you a little, the album as an hour's listen is genuinely impressive. 

They released three remixes last week, courtesy of Eyes Of Others, Shy One and Space Afrika. The Eyes Of Others one is the pick for me currently, a remix of Darkened Corners that sees the Edinburgh outfit send them into a lovely space with pattering drums and cymbals, pulsing rhythms, chopped up vocals, repeating patterns, stuttering sci fi synths and wobbly toplines. Intense but with an overarching sense of glee and abandon. All three remixes are available to be bought here and the album  Tableau is here

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