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Wednesday 7 December 2022

Just A Disco

More new music, part of the never ending flow of new sounds and songs that come our way via the internet- today's is courtesy of BTCOP, a London based musician and producer. His latest release is a four track EP called Just A Disco, a tribute to Andrew Weatherall whose voice comes is present throughout the track, talking about the similarities between ancient gnostic ceremonies and acid house, a room filled with smoke, coloured lights and music, four thousand years of people looking to achieving transcendence through dancing. There are four versions on the EP, the six minute original mix, the ten minute Lights On The Hill Mix and two remixes. You can listen and buy at Bandcamp with any proceeds going to Andrew's charities of choice (Motor Neurone Disease and Amnesty International).

The ten minute Lights On The Hill Mix is the one to reach for first, a slow chuggy start, long synth chords and twinkles, and gradually the gathering of a head of steam before breaking down as Weatherall appears to dispense his wisdom- 'there are depths in it but also many shallows'- and then piano chords come in to carry us into the second half. Lovely stuff, the sound of sunsets and sunrises, waves on beaches, tranquil and blissed out. 

Also on the EP are a pair of remixes, one from Blavatsky and Tolley and the other from Justin Robertson and his Deadstock 33s. Justin's remix is a dub techno acid mangler, squiggles, distorted bass, rimshots, bleeps and lots of dark delights. 

Blavatsky and Tolley take an in your face approach too, sticking a massive kick drum underneath, stripping things back and bringing the bassline to the fore. The string stabs add drama and a deeper voice intones, 'just a fucking disco', while a piano line dances away on top. 

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The Swede said...

Just finished playing through the whole EP on Bandcamp and it's the Lights on the Hill mix that sticks out for me, slightly ahead of Justin Robertson's.