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Monday 20 February 2023

Monday's Long Song

Back in 2009, a year that is much longer ago now that seems possible until thought about clearly and while counting- fourteen years!- Joe Gideon And The Shark released an album called Harum Scarum. As was de rigeur in the 00s Joe Gideon And The Shark were a two person, no bass player, band. Joe Gideon did guitar, piano and singing while The Shark played drums. Harum Scarum was a good album, only nine songs long but containing some great moments, not least the beat poetry/ spoken word my life story of Civilisation, posted here previously on more than one occasion. 

This song- Anything You Love That Much, You Will See Again- is seven minutes and thirty nine seconds of love, written (it seems to me) for a friend who is in the midst of loss and the whirl of grief, a reflection on bereavement, a prayer for a friend and hymn to survival. 

Anything You Love That Much, You Will See Again

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