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Tuesday 13 June 2023

Just A Daydream Away

This came out at the start of the month, a lovely piece of psychedelia from California courtesy of Marshall Watson and Cole Odin called Just A Daydream Away. It's got a real lighter than air quality, the sounds all drifting forwards together powered by chuggy drums and whispered, echo- laden vocals. 

The remixes take things further. The Joe Morris Remix is eight minutes of lazy poolside action, electronic drums and synths that gather pace and turns into something really quite expansive. 

Then there's the Hardway Bros remixes. Sean Johnston's on an indie- dance trip at the moment, his previous remixes for Islandman and Holy Youth Movement both hitting the sweet spot. The Hardway Bros remix of Just A Daydream Away is a ten minute epic, chiming indie/ folk guitars, chugging drums and a sense of wide eyed possibilities. The Daydream In Dub (Live At The SSL) Mix is, uh, dubbier. 

In conversation with a friend a while ago, I was told that sometimes 'you' just need to forget all that 'boy stuff' about lists, recordings and equipment/ technology/ instruments. The only thing that matters with music is how it makes you feel. Just A Daydream Away, all the versions but Sean's Hardway Bros Remix especially, make me feel good, like a summer afternoon that will never end. 

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Ernie Goggins said...

Thanks for the tip off Adam, this is definitely going on to the to do list

Khayem said...

Great stuff, Adam. When I see a mix or two from Hardway Bros, it becomes a 'must buy' by default but I really like the other three mixes too. On the list!