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Thursday 29 June 2023

Unchanged Changed

Dot Alison's new album, Consciousology, is out at the end of July and to date the only song available to listen to from it has been Unchanged. Andy Bell in Glok mode has remixed that song, a deeply mashed up, weirded out and dubby take on Unchanged, a sort of fractured folk/ dub/ psychedelia that makes everything feel like its happening very slowly but speeding up too with echo, dub bass, cymbal crashes, stuttering drums and Dot's voice floating in and around. It has a similar feel to Brendan Lynch's epic 1993 remix of Paul Weller's Kosmos and some of Adrian Sherwood's productions. 

The original version of Unchanged has Andy playing guitar alongside Dot, a song that manages to take in British folk music and The Velvet Underground.


Anonymous said...

Thanks,note to self for the album release, and the remix is a belter, love it!

Khayem said...

I’m very much looking forward to Dot’s album. With Room 7 1/2 & Exaltation Of Larks foregoing remixes, I’m pleased that Dot got back in with her last album and that the excellent Glok remix is the first of several from the new. Her voice works so well in either environment.