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Wednesday 24 January 2024

A Love International

The start of 2024 seems to have been a goldmine for new music already and we're less than four weeks into the year. In the middle of last week Houston, Texas three piece Khruangbin released a new song, A Love International, a blissed out five minute glide by, an instrumental sitting in some sun drenched sweet spot between a modernist, psychedelic Balearica and exotic, wiggy global soul. The guitar line and tone, always circling around, climbing and falling as the bass pumps away underneath, is a joy. 

A Love International is from their fourth album, A La Sala, out in April. I haven't gone very deep with Khruangbin, their three previous albums passing me by- the name was always floating around my periphery and I came across them on the Ron Trent What Do The Stars Say? album in 2022 and a Don Letts' Late Night Tales compilation from the same year. Don Letts offered up this marvellous dub of Khruangbin's Dern Kala. 

Dern Kala (Khruangbin Dub Mix)

Now I have four Khruangbin albums, three remix albums and a bunch of EPs to explore. Which is a good thing and yet, also costly. Sigh. 


Jake Sniper said...

I knew of one remix album, I'll have to check the other two out. Their Late Night Tales alum is very good as well.

blureu said...

A Love International was played as the last song on this recent 6 Music celebration of Ryuichi Sakamoto. It caught my attention. Great song.


Duncan Stark said...

I’ve seen them live Adam, and they’re great!

Charity Chic said...