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Monday 8 January 2024

Monday's Long Song

I had this song penciled in for today a week ago, nearly thirteen minutes of downtempo sounds from 1996, John Martyn remixed by Talvin Singh with Martyn's voice surrounded by electronics, synths, hand drums and a warm bath of FX. No wonder this was a sunset tune for Jose Padilla at the Cafe del Mar- and yet despite that it has a feel of winter about it too, the survival of the longest nights and darkest days. 

Sunshine's Better (Talvin Singh 12" Remix)

We went out on Saturday for a walk at Werneth Low, a hill near Stockport on the edge of the Peak District that overlooks Manchester. The view on a clear day is amazing, Manchester's new skyline clearly visible several miles away and beyond that the hills and towns north of the city. 

The day started very misty but when it cleared the skies were bright blue and although it was cold there was the faintest feel of sunshine, and as John Martyn puts it, 'sunshine's better, sunshine's better on the other side'. John may have meant it as a metaphor but when I sat down to write this post on Saturday evening it all seemed to come together nicely. 


Ernie Goggins said...

Have the original but never heard this version. Thanks.

Nick L said...

Great track, as Ernie says, never heard it in this guise before. And what a great view! I'm planning a trip up to the North-West sometime this year and that's definitely one to add to the list of things to see.

Khayem said...

Wow, first time I've heard this too. Beautiful. Lovely photo too, Adam.