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Wednesday 7 February 2024

Miles And Miles And Miles And Miles

In some ways this track seems almost too easy. 

Take Orbital's Belfast, a track that in 1991 defined blissed out, emotive, euphoric, hairs on the back of the neck standing up house/ techno, get David Holmes to give it a sweeping, majestic, emotional  2022 remix and then in 2024, courtesy of DJ Helen, get poet Mike Garry to perform a new poem over it, one filled with those affecting, heartfelt and every day lines he's so good at. 

Lines like, 'I wanna hold you up so high/ You're gonna need a space suit', and, 'I wanna write your name across an empty beach at low tide', and, 'And it feels like I'm kinda calling you/ It feels like I'm trying to break through/ You know across this divide/ Cos we live such separate lives'. Tonight In Belfast- it's almost too easy but it works so very, very well. 


JC said...

Oh, my.

That is incredibly good.

Nice video too. Any idea on which industrial wasteland it was filmed??

Anonymous said...

Video location was on the Thames path near the Dartford bridge

Swiss Adam said...

There's a bit in the middle where Mike goes

'I'll tell you what
Lets's slip beyond the confines of this world'

which is superb (all of its superb but this bit struck me earlier), the way he goes from I'll tell you what (every day speech, colloqial) to Let's slip... (poetic, enormous, existential). Turning on a sixpence, as they used to say.

The Swede said...

That's very good indeed. I love Garry's delivery and have just noticed that he released his own album at the tail end of last year. His website seems to indicate that surprisingly only a few of the limited run of 1000 have sold thus far. I can't find anywhere to check it out. Have you heard it?

Swiss Adam said...

I hadn't even seen he had an album out last year Swede, don't know how that got past me.

Karl said...

Put me in mind of this lovely version from way back when, from the Volume mag/cd series.

Swiss Adam said...

Yep, put me in mind of that too Karl