Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Thursday 22 February 2024


New on Paisley Dark, a Leeds based label run by John Paynter dedicated to releasing electronic psychedelia, is this three track EP by Spanish artist Stylic. The opening track PoPoPoPom is built around a hypnotic slowed down chug groove, bouncing synth bass and some excerpts of vocals, chopped up and cut up, repeating and ricocheting.  

Second track Like This is even further broken down, echo and a rhythm eventually forming into a drum track and more dislocated voices, one instructing, 'go like this'. A synthline comes in, buzzing and ringing, sounding like a plane in a dive right over head, a sound that goes on. The tripped out nature of Like This continues, the sounds and voices more and more on the edge. The 'yeah, go like this' vocal returns, a siren goes off, a drum rattles.  Things get no less weird.  

The final track is On Fire, one that gets down to business immediately with a drum that attacks from the off, hi hats hiss, bass thumps, an insistent rhythm drives onwards- at the Paisley Dark Bandcamp page the brief description suggests that this EP is an 'auditory expedition produced for blissed out dancefloors'. On Fire would cause some mayhem on the floor, the sole vocal this time a deep and breathy, 'set my body on fire'. Bassline. Cue mayhem. 


Anonymous said...

In case George Thorogood and his Delaware Destroyers didn't make it to the UK: https://youtu.be/IyhJ69mD7xI?si=YGaJSQ_2W9palbWP

Swiss Adam said...

Ha ha. I've heard that song of course and can now spot the source of the chopped up vocal sample for Popopopom