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Wednesday 10 February 2010

? And The Mysterians '96 Tears'

One of the all-time 60s garage rock greats, covered scores of times, it's got that cool organ sound, and Question Mark's great vocal. I got an original 1966 7" copy off ebay a while back for under a fiver, which pleased me no end. The main issue now we've all gone digital and have our music in a big long list is...where do you and your pc file this track? Under artists beginning with punctuation marks? With ? spelt out as Question Mark (some of the records do it this way). The tag thing won't let me label this post as ? and the Mysterians. Decisions, decisions...

Are there any other artists beginning with a punctuation mark? Apart from Prince and his squiggle?


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Swiss Adam said...

Yeah, forgot about them.