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Wednesday 3 February 2010

Beat The Devil 'Plea Bargain'

I'd forgotten about this until it popped up on my mp3 player on the way to work twice late last week. I think they came around in about 2007, benefitting from the post-White Stripes blues boom. Not that they sound anything like Jack and Meg. Beat The Devil are from Brooklyn, a trio (or sextet according to the photo) of drums, bass and a harmonium playing singer Shilpa. This is a kind of smokey punk-blues, and if those three words together put the seed of doubt into your mind, ignore it. This is a cool song, with a great vocal- listen to the way she sings 'so relax, I think you got a bug up your ass'. I dunno if they're still going, and their website only shows one 5 track mini-album to buy. You should definitely 'click, click, click' this one.

Plea Bargain.mp3
Edit- I've just checked- they split up. Shilpa Ray is now in Shilpa Ray and Her Happy Hookers.

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