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Tuesday 2 February 2010

Echo and the Bunnymen 'Ocean Rain' (alt. take)

Echo and the Bunnymen had it all- top songs, seriously good guitarist, bassist and drummer, cheekbones, lips, overcoats, ex-army gear, hairspray, quotes, attitude, mad but inspired management (Bill Drummond), gigs in strange places, magic and mystery. Four essential albums, numerous eps, singles and b-sides, one less essential album, a break-up, and reformation with diminishing returns. Last year's Ocean Rain shows suggested they've still got something, but in the 80s they had the lot. This is a different (earlier?) take of the title track from 'The Greatest Album Ever Made' (c. Ian McCulloch), and though it's got less drama than the version which finishes the album it's still worth a listen.


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McCrank said...

Great posts! I like Ripped in Glasgow and the Castles in Space. Cheers for the Bunnmyne addition as well. Keep ripping out the posts.