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Tuesday 16 February 2010

A Is For Acid Ted

Acid Ted (link on the right) has shut up shop. For the last two years he has blogged an encyclopedia of dance music, A to Z, 1300 posts from acid house to the present day. Ctel's blog was one which I visited on a daily basis. He responded to requests for tracks and reposts, gave me my own post (S Is For Swiss Adam, when I asked for the Weatherall remixes of Jah Wobble's Visions Of You, wherein he provided a not entirely accurate biography of me) and sold some very nice t-shirts. He supports charities for seriously ill children. His site was one of the main inspirations for this one. A gentleman, all said and done.

This is Jah Wobble's Bomba, remixed by Mr Weatherall. This one's for you Ctel.

05 Bomba (Club Mix).wma


drew said...

It was a joy to read every day, even the 2 Untalented post.

Ctelblog said...

Many thanks

No, no; No, no, no, no; there's no limits!