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Friday 5 February 2010

Neu! 'Hallogallo'

About ten years ago I decided to get into krautrock, probably after reading someone going on about it in an interview. I then saw some obscure music tv programme where a group of musicians and journalists were sat around discussing it. The music playing in the background sounded impossibly good. So I went out and in a £20 spree (no internet then to go and find tasters for free) bought Can's Ege Bamyesi and The Faust Tapes. The Can lp was good, impressive, could see what they were talking about. The Faust Tapes was unfathomable. But neither sounded like what I'd heard on the telly. My interest waned, until at least the next payday, probably longer. Later on, I took the krautrock plunge again, and bought two Neu! lps, Neu! and Neu!2 and suddenly it all made sense. All that talk of 'motorik rhythms' and 'treated guitars' (both phrases sounded really good) were there, especially in the ten minute opening tracks of those albums and the third, Neu!75. Music to lose yourself in. Driving pulse beat, repetition, warm sounds. Fantastic.

I still can't make head or tail of The Faust Tapes mind.


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