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Friday 19 February 2010

St Etienne 'She's The One'

I got a box set for Christmas which I already had (Rome Series 2 if you're interested), so I took it to my nearest HMV in January and to exchange it for something else, not expecting to find too much of interest. I ended up getting the first two St Etienne albums, reissues with b-sides, unreleased tracks, different mixes etc. Foxbase Alpha sounds like springtime, specifically springtime twenty years ago. I've been playing it to death.

This is She's The One, a perfect summary of St Etienne's ethos back then- a mix of northern soul, 60s pop, clubby production, Sarah Cracknell's breathy vocals and a great sample ('in this world of up and down'). Both Foxbase Alpha and So Tough are well worth getting- loads of good stuff on the second discs.

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