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Friday 5 February 2010

Ramones 'Baby I Love You'

This is one of my favourite records. Baby I Love You, covered by The Ramones, produced by Phil Spector (vocals done at gunpoint some say...), they actually got on Top Of The Pops with this. The Ramones are three quarters gone, Phil Spector's in prison, the album this is off is much maligned, but the band, the song, the production and the delivery are spot on.

I've stuck this on at at least two weddings I've played records at, at the end of the night, and the sight of couples of all ages sashaying/careering around the dancefloor will live with me forever. Wonderful.

32 Baby I Love You.wma

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Mondo said...

Hey Adam - don't know how I've missed your blog, but it's entirely up my Carnaby St - PS watch out for a Ramones nugg' from me next week..