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Thursday 11 February 2010

The Jam 'Ghosts'

This may be pushing it after having two posts removed yesterday, and this song being on a major label, and Mr. Weller having a reputation for being a bit narky about stuff like this, but anyway...

It's funny how the internet works- I wasn't planning to post this song. I was at The Vinyl Villain where a day or two ago he posted Absolute Beginners by The Jam (a Canadian e.p. release trivia fans), and the video for When You're Young (one of my favourite Jam songs). So I watch the video and fall into a Youtube time-hole, resurfacing 40 minutes later having watched some Jam videos, some Style Council videos, and some good footage of The Jam playing a Danish pop show to promote their final album The Gift, including this song Ghosts. The Gift gets overlooked out of all The Jam's albums, and it's maybe got a couple of clunkers but any record with this song, Carnation, Happy Together, Running On The Spot, and A Town Called Malice on it can't be too shabby. I think this is one of Weller's best- definitely stretching their sound out with horns and fewer guitars. He walked away from The Jam shortly after, the biggest band in the country, not yet aged 25. Extraordinary. Sharp dressed man too.

And I havn't once used the phrase Modfather... duh

24 Ghosts.wma


shitboyfriend said...

great post. the gift was my first jam album, birthday pressie from auntie sue and uncle neil. splitting when they did was incredible, and right.

Swiss Adam said...

Auntie Sue and Uncle Neil or The Jam?

shitboyfriend said...

thankfully AS and UN are still together. he's big in the rubber derivatives industry. no,, nor me.