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Monday 22 February 2010

Acid Brass 'What Time Is Love?' (Version K)

We've been away this weekend just gone, and spent quite a bit of time in the car. I made a cd for in-car entertainment and put this on it, having re-discovered it recently. I'm pretty sure the mp3 came from Moggieboy over at Ripped In Glasgow originally, so thanks/apologies to Moggieboy for re-presenting it here. It has fast become a family favourite.

The KLF were surely made for the internet- destroying piles of albums that never got sample clearance, burning stacks of cash, deleting their entire back catalogue, retiring from the music business. Click/dig around a bit and it's all out there. Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty made inspired records, with even more inspired reasons for making the records. If you havn't read them, and I know some of you have, any of Bill Drummonds books are worth reading, especially '45' and last years '17'.

Jeremy Deller is also inspired. He famously re-enacted the Battle of Orgreave from the miner's strike, recorded the Acid Brass album (you know, brass band versions of acid house hits) and last summer staged a procession through Manchester featuring scouts, goths, a musical fish and chip van, unrepentant smokers, mobile libraries, a hearse with a floral Hacienda and boy racers in souped up cars. With banners.

This then, to get to the point, is the Williams Fairey brass band (from Stockport) version of What Time Is Love? It is not a novelty track. It is an essential part of your download collection.

Parp parp par-par-par par-par-par-par par-par parp.

Acid Brass_What Time Is Love (Version K).mp3

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