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Sunday 28 February 2010

The Horrors 'Whole New Way'

One of the revelations of last year was Primary Colours by The Horrors, in particular the tracks Sea With A Sea (electro-krautrock Joy Division) and Who Can Say (Joy Division with the 'she cried', Shangri La drum beat bit completely ripped off a Rowland S Howard song from 2004 called She Cried). Regardless, good modern rock songs from a bunch of haircuts and tight jeans you wouldn't have expected it from. They followed it up at the end of last year with this 7" single, Whole New Way, which pumps up the 80s influences. Good stuff.



Northern Soul said...

What did you think to the Jah Division? Was sceptical when i bought it, in case it was on a par with them Easy All-Stars, but it's actually very good...
Watching the footie now, you'll be a red are you coming from Salford?


Swiss Adam said...

Just got back from watching it in the pub. Nice win. Roooooney etc. Enjoyed Jah Division- much better than it could've been.