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Thursday 18 February 2010

R Dean Taylor 'Gotta See Jane'

R Dean Taylor was the first white person to record for Motown, maybe best known to us as the man who took There's A Ghost In My House to the charts (later covered by The Fall). I can't remember when or where I first heard this, co-written with Brian Holland of Holland-Dozier-Holland fame and produced by R Dean himself, but it's a belter. Starting with car engine noises and squeeling tyres, which are always a great way to start a record, and then going into 'red light green light, driving through the dark night'. Gotta See Jane, 1968, top song.

01 Gotta See Jane.wma


drew said...

The Fall, also covered this, rather badly I may add.

Swiss Adam said...

Havn't heard that. Will ask Fall obsessed brother if he's got it.