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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Half Man Half Biscuit 'With Goth On Our Side'

One of the main reasons for doing this is the hope that people might get into bands they might otherwise not have. Obviously the bloggers' argument is that these people then go and spend money on product, thus saving the British record industry from certain death. The last time I posted something by HMHB (alternative national anthem National Shite Day) a whopping 19 people downloaded it, so here's hoping a similar number of people at least go for this one. Rather than prattle on about it I'm going to give you three sample verses...

'Well my name it is Dai Young
I'm the King of Welsh goth
The village I come from
Is near Abersoch
I was brought up on Bauhaus
And black bedroom walls
And I had my first snakebite
When I was in halls

Now my overweight girlfriend
She sits and she crimps
Her mother's convinced she's
Communing with imps
Her brother's alright though
He's a good lad is Wilf
'Cos he's into Placebo
And Cradle Of Filth

Now this land of my fathers
It don't suit my needs
I'd rather be some place
Like Bradford or Leeds
Where the Gipton teenagers
Could meet in my shed
For advice on mascara
And all things undead'

For the other three verses, you'll have to click, click, click. It'll be worth it. The whole thing is done to the tune and vocal melody of Bob Dylan's With God On Our Side, yet another reason why Nigel Blackwell is one of the greatest songwriters and satirists these isles have produced. Enjoy, as fast-food operatives sometimes say.

Half Man Half Biscuit_08_With Goth On Our Side.mp3


h said...

enjoy sounds more poncy restaurant than Wimpy.

The Archivist said...

"Communing with imps" cracks me up every time...

Anonymous said...

They are the soundtrack to being at home during PE in the 80s, I love them, although their is a limited number of plays per song before we feel its over, or is that just me? Magic Barry, of the East of England

Swiss adam said...

Communing with imps is great as is the way he sneers placebo. some songs wear out magic barry but some of em keep on giving. ta for commenting

Gilded Palace of Sin (Brighton) said...

Blackwell for Laureate!

stevoid said...

I've rediscovered HMHB massively recently(in particular 'Joy Division oven gloves') thanks to another blog posting their entire Peel Sessions collection but this is one i've not heard before.Great post : )