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Monday, 2 August 2010

Gospel, And Rhythm And Blues, And Jazz

Tomorrow I.T., our 11 year old son who has MPS 1 Hurler's Disease, has his umpteenth surgical procedure, and 30 somethingth general anaesthetic. He has to have plates attached to the insides of his kneecaps. With his condition the bone grows too much on the inside, causing him to become increasingly knock-kneed. By plating the inside any remaining bone growth will take place on the outside, hopefully correcting the problem a bit. His skeleton is never going to look 'normal', and he has bits of metal all over the place, always fun when going through metal detectors. The hospital say it's fairly routine and he should be back on his feet within 24 hours, but there's always a risk with surgery and anaesthetic with MPS kids. The upshot is, I may not be posting for a day or two.

This is one of the best records ever made, and I'm hiding in it.

Come Together(Weatherall Mix).mp3


drew said...

Good luck to IT, I'm sure everything will go as planned.

All the best Adam.

And you are correct, one of the best records ever made. The Farley version is none too shabby either

davy h said...

Big good luck vibes to the boy and you all from Dahn Sarf too x

Andyfeck said...

as an avid reader & Dad, I really hope all goes well

Anonymous said...

All the best,


Ctelblog said...

All the best for the op. Always a worry no matter how "minor" the procedure.

dickvandyke said...

Yes. Lots of love n strength from my little shed too.

I bet he's a top lad.