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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

I Don't Want To Live My Life Like Everybody Else

A couple of Sundays ago BBC4 showed Ray Davies' set from this year's Glastonbury, where in a masterstroke of scheduling he was up against England playing in the World Cup. Luckily he's armed with some of the best songs written by one man, and knowing how poor England were the crowd that opted for Ray made the right decision. It was a greatest hits set with a huge choir joining him for several songs, and despite the band being a bit ploddy in parts Ray was on fire, the frontman England didn't have. I can live without the whole notion of 'classic rock', the greatest songwriters ever lists, the constant mythologisation of the 1960s, and all that nostalgia driven rock industry, but the set was a joy to watch.

He didn't play this song (it wasn't on the programme if he did) but it's one of The Kinks' best and firmly in the tradition of great bands chucking out great b-sides. It's also a brilliant outsider song, and maybe like See My Friends and the much more well known Lola an outsider song in terms of sexuality as well.

02 I'm Not Like Everybody Else.mp3

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drew said...

Spooky, I had an overriding urge to play the Chocolate Watch Band version of this this morning