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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Rare Audrey

Some Andrew Weatherall for you on an August Wednesday morning, where at the moment it's not raining. This is the Two Lone Swordsmen remix of Paul Weller's Heliocentric, from his album of the same name, from 2000. Not one of his best albums I'm afraid. The remix is one of TLS's best though, and was only released on white label (500 copies I think, got my sticky mitts on one in Vinyl Exchange for under a fiver). Rumour has it that Weller didn't like it and it's never had an official release, not even on that 3 cd boxset of b-sides, remixes and other stuff that Weller put out a few years back.

I love this track, and it's best listened to loud. It takes the drums and bass, and a load of noises, and heads into krautrock territory, with a dash of Killing Joke in there as well. Can't imagine why Weller didn't like it. Several years ago a friend in a band once asked me to play records at a gig they were doing, and they'd hired a large PA. Sticking this record on made my night. It sounded immense. It does what a remix should do, take the original and bend it out of all recognisable shape, making something new from something old.

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Anonymous said...

Link has died. Any chance you could re-up this, or mail me the MP3? saskew@rocketmail.com
Thanks a lot - would love to hear this rare Weller/Wetaherall