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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Baby I Love You So

I couldn't let Colourbox go by without posting this, the A-side to the 12" single with Tuesday's postee Looks Like We're Shy One Horse on the flip. Baby I Love You So is a cover of an Augustus Pablo track. This is electronic dub at it's best- big, swirly sound with swathes of colourful synths, a massive bassline, reverby guitars, samples and vocals from Lorita Grahame. Seven minutes or so of wonder. Play it back to back with Looks Like... for full effect.

02 Baby I Love You So 12_.mp3


Scott said...

Sublime. Seven minutes of wonder does indeed sum it up. Graet vocal from Lorita.

Dubrobots said...

Am loving the Colourbox stuff. Nothing I don't already have, but have played all the tracks you've posted as soon as I've seen them crop up here. Well ahead of their time - fuck me, Pump Up The Volume was 1987!

stevoid said...

Colourbox have always been one of my favourite bands/acts,they made some incredible records of which this has to be the classiest of the lot.

It sounded great in 1986,it sounds even better 25 years on.