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Wednesday, 23 March 2011


A slight change of tack now- from 80s electronic dubiness to 60s folk-rock. I'm not sure this song is folk-rock, more template making guitar pop. The Byrds' I'll Feel A Whole Lot Better was a B-side from 1965 and an album track. Written and sung by Gene Clark (far left in photo), the chiming 12 string Rickenbacker guitar, pounding tambourine and three part vocals add up to perfection, and my shoddy writing in no way does it justice. One of your favourite guitar bands is in here somewhere I'll wager. The lyric adds it's own little sardonic twist, Gene Clark weighing up the departure of a girl who's done him wrong and deciding he'll feel a whole lot better when she's gone. Well, probably. While I'm here, check out the hair. Best 60s fringes? Probably.

I\'ll Feel a Whole Lot Better.wma#2#2


Artog said...

I just seem to be popping up and saying "Great tune!" lately. But it is. Normally to be found in my top five Byrds songs along with Eight Miles High and other Gene Clark numbers.

I remember reading somewhere some bloke (connected to the band I think) picking up on the use of the word probably and saying it was typical of how thoughtful a lyricist and person Gene was. But then saying, "Or maybe he just added it so the line scanned".

swiss adam said...

Pop up as often as you like Artog. That's the thing about songwriters,you think they've done something really clever and it was just to fill a hole in a line...