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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

I Don't Know Why I'm Telling You Any Of This

Continuing the recent Nancy and Lee theme this is Fallen by the much loved and much lamented One Dove. One Dove were Scotland's premier post acid house dub-techno band, featuring the voice of the lovely Dot Allison, also featured recently round these parts. I know Drew will disagree, saying the original Soma version of Fallen is superior, but to my ears this Weatherall version, the Nancy and Lee Mix, is by far the best. Seven or so minutes of bliss.

It's half term in England. We may be off camping for a few days, so if nothing happens here until Friday we're under canvas somewhere. Hopefully dry.


Anonymous said...

brilliant record - all versions

drew said...

All versions are good but the original Darkest Hour is still the one for me. Every time I play it I remember freezing in a hovel on Woodlands Road, Glasgow getting of the bed every 7 or so minutes to put this back on.

The girl that I was going out with at the time said it was alright which I think as what put the kibosh on that 5 year on and off relationship!

stevoid said...

Tremendous record.Never tire of hearing it.