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Sunday, 1 May 2011


I'm sure this isn't a unique or original thought but aren't all these long weekends nice? Especially combined with this early summer weather. Friday felt like Saturday, which gave Saturday an extra something. Now it's Sunday night and we're not ironing work shirts and school uniforms, and making sandwiches and lunchboxes, and mentally preparing for the working week, and all those other things that give Sunday night a depressing edge. Maybe the north European Protestant work ethic isn't all it's cracked up to be and we should be more Mediterranean with bank holidays every week or two.

In the spirit of celebrating the weekend I'm posting Flowered Up's mighty Weekender, the full 12" mix, all twelve minutes and fifty five seconds of it, with it's celebration of the weekend and gimlet-eyed realism, Quadrophenia samples and Liam Maher's hard won e-culture wisdom.

Dad 'You're barmy you are staying out all hours!'
Phil Daniels 'Ah well, don't worry I ain't gonna turn into a pumpkin am I?'

11 Weekender [12' Version][Version].wma#2#2

Some say this was Flowered Up's only moment of greatness. Not true though- It's On was good as well. Especially when it got national TV exposure on The Chart Show and the audio on the tape was all mangled. Sounded very weird. And then there's the pair of Weatherall remixes of Weekender (Audrey Is A Little Bit Partial).

Phil Daniels 'You can take that mail and that franking machine and all that other rubbish I have to go about with and you can stuff it right up your arse!'

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acidted said...

Still such an astonishingly brilliant record.