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Monday, 23 May 2011

Sliding Away In A Washed Out Delta Sun

Mercury Rev's 1997 album Deserter's Songs came out of nowhere, and sounded like it came out of the middle of nowhere. The final track, Delta Sun Bottleneck Stomp, is a Bagging Area favourite. It manages to marry harpsichord with house-y chords, slightly desperate vocals and an end-of-night feeling. Magical really.

In other news, I'm off to Finland until Friday (with work, and responsibility for several minors), which is a little bizarre. I don't tend to get much work related foreign travel, but the chance to spend a few days in a country about which I know little and am unlikely to go to otherwise seemed too good an opportunity to miss. Back on Friday when I'll let you know what life is like on the edge of Europe.

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ANCB said...

Ive a decent sounding boot of the recent Edinburgh show if youre interested SA...Where they play the album out in full.