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Thursday, 10 August 2017


Bonjour mes amis- we got back from France late last night following a Dean Cassidy style drive across France and England. You'll be pleased to know that Bayonne, deep into the south west of France, Basque country, is proudly anti-fascist. While I was away news came through of a new Andrew Weatherall solo album, Qualia, due in September on Hoga Nord and a two track dub 12" at the end of August. This song is a trailer for the album- twinkling synths, krauty beats, and a voice saying 'hello'.

And also while I was enjoying the sun, the moules, the frites, the vin, another Music's Not For Everyone appeared. Plenty of catching up to do.


The Swede said...

Bonjour, comment ├ętaient tes vacances? Good to have you back, even if it is with news of a new Weatherall radio show that will no doubt cost me money.

Walter said...

Welcome back Adam and a great appearance with the latest Weatherall show. As The Swede said - I will spent money on the newest sounds he gave us.