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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Join The Future

Almost everything I've posted here recently, except for the Ride song at the weekend, has been bleeps and squiggles, 303s and 808s, and I had every intention of sitting down to write a post with guitars in it but then I read Michael's comment on one of my Warp posts last week where he mentioned Join The Future by Tuff Little Unit. Released on Warp in January 1991 this is a superb techno record, a deep wandering bassline, clattering drumbeats and some lovely sinuous synthlines. People often say techno is cold and austere but this is warm and inviting and in the words of a commenter at Discogs way back in 2002 'you can feel the hidden euphoria of a new generation in it, a tune for the after hours'. Perfect.

Join The Future 12" Mix


JTFL said...

Man, SA, this is a whole new specialty genre for me. If I'm honest you piqued my interest with your description of the wandering bassline of this track, and I was a bit disappointed that it's not actually a bass, but a bass synth. But you're right -- it's such a stellar track that I went spelunking on the 'net and came across this instructive (for me) article: http://www.factmag.com/2013/07/22/the-20-best-bleep-records-ever-made/
Thanks for this -- going to dig around some more in this field and see what turns up!

Swiss Adam said...

That looks like a good read JTFL. Glad I've introduced you to something new.

Selene Hoey said...

Such a wonderful track. Great article too JFTL.