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Friday 11 August 2017

Sunsets And Glue

Down on the Atlantic coast at the south west of France the sunsets are, to put it mildly, pretty spectacular and beautiful. Gathering on the beach each night to watch the sun sink into the sea was a ritual for a lot of the holiday makers down there and the locals too. The light that the sun threw out as it descended into the distance was stunning too.

While queuing at Portsmouth trying to get out of the ferry port on Wednesday night I stuck Radio One on, not something I do very often. We got the last twenty minutes of Annie Mac's show where she mainly talked about the recent Radio One Ibiza weekender and played a few tracks, one of which sounded brilliant, a real sundowner (or sun-upper) of a track. And while going through four hundred plus emails yesterday I got one promoting the track in question- Bicep's Glue. Bicep area an Irish duo, bloggers and djs and now makers of music too. Glue has a breakbeat with some reverb on it and then some lovely synths. All warm and blissful. Out now digitally with an album in September.


The Swede said...

I probably take a couple of hundred photos of sunrises and sunsets every year - I'm mildly obsessed. Your photos make me want to throw my camera out of the window. They're glorious.

Swiss Adam said...

Thanks Swede. My Samsung camera seems to be pretty good at catching them.

Jake Sniper said...

Saw a couple of stunning sunsets whilst going round the coast of Scotland, but unfortunately failed to get a decent pic as our camera is broken, my phone is rubbish and Mrs Sniper's phone went in the sea while taking a shot of the kids,third time this year it's ended up wet. Your pics are making me wish I was still camping. Nice track by the way, fitted nicely with the new Orbital track 'Copenhagen' which was just on 6music.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Swiss lost her phone to a French toilet. We put it in a bag of rice but to no avail. Made the rice taste funny too.
Swiss Adam

C said...

Bonjour encore!
The photos are stunning, I'm very envious. I've heard some good stuff on Annie Mac in the past, quite left-of-centre stuff. This track goes well with the mood of your pics too.