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Saturday 7 July 2018


Roisin Murphy is hotter than July right now, even this July. All My Dreams, out in May, is as good as almost anything I've heard this year. This new one, Plaything, goes in at the same level. Produced by Maurice Fulton this is pop music as it should be in the 21st century. The video is smart enough, self-directed and following on from All My Dreams depiction of Roisin's rave awakening in Nottingham, but the energy and love she puts into the music is enough to make it send shock waves through your central nervous system listened to with your eyes closed.

The vinyl is stupidly expensive. Something needs to be done about this because they are in danger driving away the people that have kept this thing alive.


londonlee said...

Completely understand why she admitted on Twitter to crying over her lack of success. You make great records with influential visuals and you get nowhere

Swiss Adam said...

Pete Robinson from PopJustice had a pop at her too I think which she responded to in kind. The 2 singles she's made this summer are amazing records.

Echorich said...

Murphy/Fulton is just a heavenly match! Plaything gets inside you, in many ways like Fulton's remix of House Of Glass did 3 years ago.
As far as favorites are concerned, Plaything may be the release to beat for me in 2018. But I'll wait for the next Murphy/Fulton collaboration before I make that statement with any certainty.