Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Sunday, 8 July 2018

Quick Eternity

Here's the long awaited Four Tet remix of Daniel Avery's Quick Eternity, one of those moments where two artists who are right on it combine. I was a little underwhelmed on first hearing- Four Tet's recent remix of Bicep was a masterpiece from the first time I heard it- but this one doesn't disappoint once you hit repeat and let it wash over you. It's a definite mix of two halves, with some little repeating synths parts over a lovely chiming melody for the first half, a fade out and a pause at 4.54, some vinyl static, and then the chimes come back and we're off into a more home-listening techno second half with synth whooshes, whirring sounds and percussion and some distorted bass to carry us home.


Anonymous said...

Love it


Anonymous said...

A wonderful thing! - thanks for pointing us in the direction of Daniel Avery's music.


thewalker said...

Oh my, quite lush actually.
I've got a couple of dozen Bagging Area's to catch up on - makes for quite a lovely wet sunday arvo. :)