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Saturday 29 September 2018

I Feel Space

Saturday nights are made for dancing. Tonight I am attending Peter Hook And The Light's gig at Manchester's Albert Hall where he's playing not just Technique in its entirety but Republic too. Technique I am massively looking forward too, an album that has stuck with me through thick and thin since January 1989, a record I know every note of. Republic remains to be seen (not the strongest set of songs, and front loaded too- the best song off it, Regret, will be up first). If we get there early enough he's playing an opening set of Joy Division songs.

Today's song a new one from Mr Weatherall, a remix of Norwegian Marius Circus' cover of fellow countryman Lindstrom's I Feel Space. Weatherall finds the acid in it, pumps it up and makes the most of some lovely long siren/horn noises. One to start your Saturday off with a bit of a shimmy to.


keepingitpeel said...

*owl gif*


Brian said...

Looking forward to hearing about this one.