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Wednesday 10 October 2018

Inner Acid

Earlier this year Mr. Fingers released an album called Cerebral Hemispheres, his first for 25 years. It contains 18 songs spread across 2 cds/multiple pieces of vinyl, and in some ways is an expanded version of the Outer Acid e.p. from 2017, but it also tries to summarise the various branches of electronic music Larry Heard has been responsible for and played with since the 1980s- deep house, jazzy dinner table house, bossa nova, even some bluesy guitar. It also veers off into darker places- some delicious acid tinged techno with some fairly unhinged sounds and minimal rhythms twisting inside and out. On the first disc (of the cd) it jumps from one style to another and then back again, a little unable to decide where it wants to go. On the second disc it finds a more consistent sound and tone, the acid and techno grooves becoming more dominant wit hthe odd diversion into dub. This one is a delight, the soundtrack to a long journey at dusk.

Inner Acid


drew said...

oh, that's a bit good. Thanks, SA, another for the list possibly.

Swiss Adam said...

Well worth it Drew although I think he could have pruned it down to a single disc. But there's some great tracks on it.