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Friday 19 October 2018

Perfect Motion

This record, especially in its 12" remixed form, is exactly what some dance nights sounded like in 1992. Sunscreem were from Essex and were remixed by the great and the good of the scene, in this case by Pete Heller and Terry Farley for Boy's Own. This is long, designed for dancing too and to be mixed into and out of. A long progressive house track which edges towards trance, up and positive with a pumping bass and drums, repeating synth parts and a couple of lines of vocal floating over the top. This samples Simple Minds, their early 80s electronic classic Theme For Great Cities, which I posted here recently. There's a breakdown at 6.40, a moment to pause for breath and raise one's hands in the air, someone would whistle, then some rave hoover bass comes in, and then the keyboard starts to build again. On and on in perfect motion.

Perfect Motion (Boy's Own Mix)


drew said...

Some of those mixes of this and the previous single were great. My favourite is the Slam mix of Love U More. The Boys Own guys did a couple of good mixes of that too

Michael Doherty said...

Yep,this perfectly encapsulates that time.