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Saturday 26 February 2022

Purple Haze, Purple Sky

Of all the odd meteorological experiences we've had recently this purple sky at Salford Quays a couple of weeks is right up there- no filters were applied to this photograph, it is as it was. I mentioned this David Holmes remix a couple of weeks ago as well but didn't post it, a stunning version of Purple Have, Yellow Sunrise by fellow Belfast producer Gary Irwin (The Vendetta Suite). Clattering drums, layers of synths and keyboards, a guitar line and some unmoored backing vox, filters and FX tripping everything out into an acid house/ psychedelic swirl. Around five minutes in voices start to appear in the mix, just within earshot but not clear enough to hear properly as the synths stutter and fade. Quite the trip.  


Khayem said...

I was listening to Holmes' Desert Island Disco All-Dayer (your edit) again yesterday and this is another welcome reminder of how high he's set the bar so high, so early in 2022. And that's before even mentioning his current single.

In a further display of uncanny blog harmony, Purple Haze also makes an appearance on Dubhed today, albeit as part of a BBC Radio Sessions selection by The Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Stunning photo, as well.

Swiss Adam said...

Holmes has really come into a purple patch hasn't he- this remix and the two recent singles, plus the Desert Island mix which has a currently unreleased collaboration between him and Keith Tenniswood- so much going on and such high quality throughout.