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Tuesday 8 February 2022


The urge to pack it all in, sell up and move elsewhere is very strong at the moment. I don't think it's realistic and it's probably not wise to make big, life- changing decisions at this point but the pull of just being somewhere else is enormous from time to time- somewhere overlooking the sea in North Wales maybe or south west Scotland. Or Portugal. There are lots of things about Manchester I'd miss but right now the idea of going somewhere else and starting again is attractive. 

This album, released in the middle of January, has a good claim to be 2022's first solid gold long player. Hypernatural are from Melbourne, Australia (and include Dan Whitford from Cut Copy who have been posted here before when they had the good fortune to be remixed by Mr Weatherall. In Hypernatural he's joined by Mirko Vogel and Mike Gamwell). Hypernatural is an electronic album, twinkling arpeggios, drums pads, warm, wobbly synth sounds, percussion, ambient and found sounds with widescreen dance music production. Balearic and ambient and something else too. The trio that made it pieced the tracks together from trips abroad, to Sweden and to Scotland, visiting coasts and highlands, writing music that was inspired by the views and the surroundings. The urban world they came from is in there too though- this isn't all pastoral idylls but late night stop offs in service stations and getting home at dawn after dancing all night. 



Webbie - FootieAndMusic said...

Speaking as someone who took the leap I would recommend. BUT... saying that with bias obviously because I did it. Another BUT... As you wrote it might still be too soon after. Still though, go with your instinct and do what you think would be good for yourself and your family.

Swiss Adam said...

Lots to think about Webbie.

Batfish said...

I get that. Our family circumstances meant we left Sale / Manchester 4 years ago. I was proud to call myself an adopted Mancunian, and I miss it every day. Turns out, it's more than just a place to live. My mate from Withington is considering upping sticks to North Wales and I've had a similar conversation with him, and I'd counsel caution, but saying that, if I could get over the border to Scotland it'd be my second-favourite place to be. You're absolutely right to live with the idea for a while, though.

acidted said...

The urge to flee was very much one for me. I decided to give it six months min before taking any substantial decisions. Looking back was prob sensible (for me at least).

Swiss Adam said...

I'm sure you're both right Batfish and Ctel. I'm glad you said you felt it too Ctel, it must be a common reaction.