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Friday 20 May 2022

Dirty Stream

Two recent and delightfully disjointed works from Martin Jenkins, first in his The House In The Woods guise, the second as Pye Corner Audio. Where Path Becomes The Stream is a seven minute exercise in suspense, dark, murky synths and sampled woodland sounds, building slowly and uneasily. On headphones it's the quite the experience, especially if out walking. Get it at Bandcamp

Pye Corner Audio's latest release Dirty Window Of Opportunity is more direct and more obviously dance music, riding in quickly on drums and crashing 808 hi- hats, a bouncing bassline and rippling synths. When the acid line begins bleeping away it's all very exhilarating, enough to take one's breath away under the right circumstances. It's a pay what you want at Bandcamp deal, as per usual. 

Queue them up to play one into the other and they can form two halves of a whole, one pastoral but uneasy, the other urban and plugged in. Like this... 

Where Path Becomes The Stream/ Dirty Window Of Opportunity

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