Unauthorised item in the bagging area

Thursday 26 May 2022


Brand new from Jesse Fahnestock's 10:40 is Thickener, two mixes of deep, techno tinged, dark disco. Psyche- chug from Stockholm, mastered by Rich Lane in Stoke. The Thinner Mix is first up, kick drum and hiss and huge belching synth bass. A chopped up fragment of wordless vocal, rising and falling topline and then on it goes, pumping away. 

The Full Fat mix follows, riding in on tom toms and a big groove, a distorted voice and synths pinging about. The bassline buzzes about around the breakbeat and everything gets quite intense before the breakdown at four minutes. Then it all goes off again. You can both at Bandcamp, name your own price. 

I'm particularly excited about this release because the cover photo is mine, a picture I took a while ago and shared on social media. Jesse got in touch and asked if he could use it. Here's my original, a shot of a pendant lamp in a cafe/ bar in Altrincham taken from below. 

Obviously we now need to start a crowd funder campaign for vinyl, t- shirts, posters, coasters, tea towels, tote bags and all the other merch the image requires. 


jesseblack said...

Great pic Adam.

At the of jeopardizing our future royalty streams, wordless vocals are from: https://youtu.be/Cb04PK_oTlM

Swiss Adam said...

Ah, nice sample. Links back to a conversation we had on FB not too long ago.

But yes, be careful about jeopardising any future royalty streams.

Walter said...

Great songs by Jesse. This is what I planed for tomorrow.

Khayem said...

Me too, Walter! Although when I got the mailing list prompt, followed the link to Bandcamp and then saw the photo credit for Adam, I did wonder if we might see it here first.

Great tune, Jesse, though I've been saying that about every release from 10:40 and Jezebell since I was first made aware of your music.

And Adam, a great photo and I look forward to getting my hands on the coasters and tea towel set in the not too distant future.

jesseblack said...

Thanks all! Next release I promise not to tell Adam anything about. Either that or I'll do something terrible and none of you will want to write about it. :-D