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Wednesday 18 May 2022

Mother's Been A Bad Girl

This came out yesterday from David Holmes, Jade Vincent and Keefus Ciancia's' Unloved band, the pithily titled Mother's Been A Bad Girl. It's a very gnarly, echo drenched song- 60s psyche, yé-yéThe Wrecking Crew and some psychodrama fed through a 21st century filter. Available to buy here

Mother's Been A Bad Girl was on the soundtrack to the most recent series of Killing Eve. We bailed out of Killing Eve a while ago but the soundtracks for each episode and series are superb in themselves with huge quantities of Unloved songs but also songs by influences, kindred spirits and fellow travellers such as Etienne Daho, Fireflies, Brigitte Bardot, The Liminanas, The Velvet Underground, Die Wilde Jagd, L'Epee and Jane Weaver.

Back in 2018 ahead of the Convenanza festival Swedish label Hoga Nord released a five track vinyl EP. Die Wilde Jagd (the musical vehicle for producer Sebastian Lee Philipp) contributed Gleiß K, a fine piece of tense, sparse and spooked psyche. 


Martin said...

Amazing. Just yesterday, I was drafting a post in my head about having bailed out of Killing Eve some time ago but how the soundtrack was still worthy of further exploration. Great minds, etc...

Swiss Adam said...

Funny how often this sort of thing happens. I hope you'll still go ahead and write it Martin.