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Tuesday 22 November 2022

Gal Costa

Gal Costa died earlier this month aged seventy seven. I knew the name but didn't own any of her music. I was aware she was a Brazilian singer and heavily connected to the Tropicalia movement, the musicians and artists who married Brazilian rhythms and styles with psychedelic rock in the late 60s, upsetting the government and establishment in that country along the way. I have a compilation by Os Mutantes, fellow travellers in the Tropicalia movement, but no Gal. A friend sorted me out with a few choice pieces last week and I've been digging into them, the bossa nova rhythms, percussion, acoustic guitars and psychedelic rock influences providing a very welcome alternative to what I've been listening to recently. This song in particular has been hitting all the right notes...


Baby was written by Caetano Veloso, legendary Brazilian composer, singer, guitarist, writer and political activist and recorded for Gal's 1968 self titled solo album. The strings, the echo- laden percussion and Gal's voice, singing first in Portuguese and then English, are all gorgeous. 

R.I.P. Gal. 


The Swede said...

I didn't know the name until I read of her death a couple of weeks ago. What a great song this is.

Jake Sniper said...

I have Gal Costa's 1969 eponymous album, which I can highly recommend.

Swiss Adam said...

The first 3 albums are all now on to buy list.